Reply All: #39 Reply All Exploder

I have mixed feelings about podcast episodes that are just episodes of another podcast.  Sometimes the “fill in” podcast doesn’t feel connected enough to the one you actually subscribe to (either in content or style). Sometimes it feels like you’re just listening to a really long advertisement for something else you wouldn’t otherwise be interested in.

This episode of Reply All — which is really just two episodes of another podcast titled Song Exploder — doesn’t have those problems.  There’s a direct tie-in between Reply All and Song Exploder, the styles of the two podcasts mesh well together, and the makers of Reply All reap no benefit from people who choose to listen to Song Exploder.

That said, did they really need to include TWO different episodes of Song Exploder? The 2nd one felt like gilding the lily a bit, just to fill time. Music lovers will dig it, but sadly, I listen to podcasts mostly because I’m not much of a music guy…

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