S-Town: VII


Was it worth the 7+ hour journey? For starters: This series fixed a LOT of the issues I had with the first two seasons of Serial.

It starts out as a murder-mystery, but once they realize the end of the mystery isn’t much of a mystery, they quickly take it another direction. It’s a luxury the first season of Serial didn’t have, forcing Sarah Koenig to spend the last episode of that season pondering if her investigation was truly newsworthy, or if she merely stumbled upon the same questions that nearly every murder case poses (even those that are open-and-shut). Her verdict was different from mine.

Back to S-Town…Loved the flavor. Loved the subject. Loved the depth. Loved the fact that so many people got twist expectations about themselves in their own words. Villains become heroes. Heroes become villains. Really well made and very emotional at times. But… SPOILER ALERT.

Do not read more if you haven’t heard it yet.



They dangled the gold out there several times as a hook to keep the listener interested.

But the gold ultimately went no where. (And they knew it would go no where)

Like I said, I loved the subject. They didn’t need to dangle the mystery of the gold quite as much as they did. They could’ve done to the gold what they did to the initial “murder” that kicked off the series: Dismissed it early on, mid-episode, so as not to get the listener’s hopes up.

But they didn’t.

And that annoyed me.

Not enough for me to dislike this podcast. But enough that I have to mention it. It did mar the experience in retrospect for me.

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