Oh No Ross and Carrie: Await the End Times (Part 5): The End is Here


I love me some Oh No Ross and Carrie (as you can tell just by glancing at this site), but five episodes on this “End Times” lecture series feels like one or three too many. I get it, though, Ross and Carrie (and their friend Jim!) had to sit through 20 lectures spanning weeks to fully experience this religious group that exists on the fringe of Seventh Day Adventism. And 5 episodes is probably the absolute minimum they needed to accurately recount their experiences. But still…if you’re new to ONRaC, this series isn’t the place to start (unless you’re really curious who many Seventh Day Adventists think the anti-christ is). Consider it Oh No Ross and Carrie: Advanced Studies.  A better place for first timers to start might be their single episode on the Theresa Caputo (aka The Long Island Medium) or their two episodes on the Raeliens. Even their epic 9 part series on Scientology is a better entry-point for the wonderfulness that is ONRaC.



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