The Greatest Generation

Ep 140: The Bell Curve of Mountain to Armus (S6E15)
Mon 12:00 AM
When Captain Picard spills an awful lot of pasta sauce on the front of his uniform, the all-powerful Q gives him an opportunity to make out with his hot friend from college. Now he has to play a round of Would You Rather where the choice is a sword to the heart or having a boring joe job. Does Wolf 359 go in the Picard column or the Q column? Why all the impalements? What does Predator Hair Metal sound like? How can Marta be so comfortable as the last clapper? It’s the episode that needs a universal translator for the word ‘embarrassment.’
© Ben Harrison and Adam Pranica

Eric’s Thoughts:

Ben and Adam discuss the ep where Star Trek meets It’s A Wonderful Life. I remember it being a good one. Ben strongly disagrees. Also: Somehow I skipped like a dozen episodes of this podcast. Oops.

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