Judge John Hodgman: Might as Well Judge

I just started listening to the episode and I think The Hodge already tipped his hand what his ruling would be. During his preamble to the case, based solely on the knowledge that one side had penned a 1000 word treatise on the mastery of Van Halen’s original bass guitarist — the case is two friends arguing about whether or not said bassist is either the best ever or the worst ever, with nothing in between — Hodgman said that if one side wins, he’ll post the treatise to the JJHo website and link the crap out of it on social media. That sounds like something Hodgman has already set his mind on doing and for obvious reasons (it’s just the kind of faux-pretentious punditry Hodgman has turned into something of a cottage industry). So here’s my prediction: he will actually rule AGAINST the side that wrote the treatise BUT he’ll post the damn thing anyway just for entertainment value.

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