a16z: Cryptocurrencies, App Coins, and Investing in Protocols


Who knew there so many cryptocurrencies beyond BitCoin, and that they have actual uses beyond alternative money? (I kinda knew that…but now I really know that!)

Also: How did this podcast get into my feed? I don’t remember subscribing to a16z, but this is the third one that’s wound up in between my ears. I guess when I (intentionally) downloaded the Hidden Figures episode, I got subscribed automatically. Damn you Overcast for trying to make me smarter! (also: unsubscribe! It’s good…but I subscribe to every episode of very few podcasts.)

a16z: Open Web — Creation, Discovery, Curation, and Beyond


Mostly a roundtable discussion on how the web has changed since the 90s, with a focus on how regular people show their personality on the web (from having to their own encoding to a variety of do-it-yourself blogging platforms) and how other regular people have discovered those places on the web. From curation to algorithms, you know the drill.

a16z: From Hidden Figure to Sonic BOOM


I only downloaded this because I just watched the movie Hidden Figures and really liked it. This is an interview with a woman featured in the book, but not the movie (she started at NASA after the events of the film). I loved the fact that after asking the obvious questions about what it was like working at NASA in the 60s, they spent A LOT of time on the actual work that she did (in trying to make supersonic flight a reality over land).