Accidental Tech Podcast: 227: Typing on Pillows

As revealed in the aftershow, the “error” in the title of the last episode — “Smooth Scrolling Is For Suckers” — is the capital “F” in “For.” To understand why, though, you need to listen to John be John for a while, which is always amusing.


Accidental Tech Podcast: 213: Siri in a Can

It’s been less than 24 hours since I’ve listened to it, and I’m all struggling to remember what John, Marco, and Casey talked about… There was some Siri and Alexa talk. The post-show was Nintendo Switch-centric if I recall. More talk about whether or not we’ll ever seen a new Mac Pro (or any truly pro-centric gear from Apple). I think there was even a bet between Marco and Casey. Marco thinks the 2012-era Mac Pro will still be on Apple Store shelves on Jan. 1, 2018. Casey doesn’t. With a 2-hour+ podcast, it’s easy to tune out and not realize it.