Judge John Hodgman: Live From SF Sketchfest 2017

“Hieronymous Quash” and “Property Bothers” recorded in front of a live audience at San Francisco Sketchfest 2017! Plus, Swift Justice and songs from special guest Sara Watkins!

Eric’s thoughts:

The best part of JJHo’s road shows are their ability to find plaintiffs & defendants who really reflect the local flavor.  I guess that’s what they call good podcast producing?

Judge John Hodgman

Vehicular Man-Squatter
Wed 1:15 PM
link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/todayinthepast/~3/Ak3bg-8pSYU/vehicular-man-squatter
Media: http://traffic.libsyn.com/jjhodgman/jjho_314.mp3?dest-id=37942
Ri brings the case against his brother Jan. Jan has been living in his car for the last several months. Ri thinks Jan needs to find an apartment of his own. But, Jan is happy with his current situation. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Thank you to Rick Gutierrez for suggesting this week’s title!
John Hodgman and Maximum Fun

Eric’s Thoughts:

Reminded me of (a little) an old Adam Carolla game he’d play with his podcasts guests, where they’d try to name things that both very poor people and very rich people do (and no one else). A classic example is “shower outdoors.” Another example might be the subject of this episode, where a 20-something with a wealthy dad opts to sleep in his car just for kicks.

Judge John Hodgman: Live From Washington, DC


I know what you’re thinking, how can one person possibly listen to so much John Hodgman?  I don’t know. But when a JH-centric podcast episode appears in my feed, it moves to the top. I can’t explain why I’m always in the mood for “the Hodg.” It’s a mystery. 

(Speaking of podcast mysteries, when does Gimlet’s “Mystery Show” come back? It isn’t? Well, that sucks.)

Judge John Hodgman: Too Many Cooks Spoil the Borth


Jesse Thorne’s business is fun. Literally. It’s called Maximum Fun. Are people who get paid to be fun able to have fun when not getting paid? In other words, is Jesse fun to hang around when he’s not near or a podcasting mic or is he just super serious most of the time because that’s when he’s in “business” mode? I may never know the answer to that question…