Oh No Ross and Carrie

Ross and Carrie Take the Voice Polygraph: Lying for Satan Edition
Oct 7, 2014, 10:54 AM
link: http://ohnopodcast.com/investigations/2014/10/7/ross-and-carrie-take-the-voice-polygraph-lying-for-satan-edition
Media: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/OhNoPodcast/~5/E_mWZejZ5tQ/OhNoRossAndCarrie_56_RossAndCarrieTakeTheVoicePolygraph.mp3

Has Ross lied on the podcast? Is he truly open to the possibility of the paranormal? Does he eat his boogers? Find out this and more in our voice polygraph episode! In this hilarious investigation, Carrie asks Ross some very personal (and a few silly) questions, and an expert analyzes the sound waves in his voice to see if he’s a truth-teller or a stinkin’ liar. The results may surprise you… and Ross.

Eric’s Thoughts:

The results did not surprise me. (But that’s only because I’ve done a great deal of research into lie detectors for the TV shows I’ve worked on)

Oh No Ross and Carrie: Await the End Times (Part 5): The End is Here


I love me some Oh No Ross and Carrie (as you can tell just by glancing at this site), but five episodes on this “End Times” lecture series feels like one or three too many. I get it, though, Ross and Carrie (and their friend Jim!) had to sit through 20 lectures spanning weeks to fully experience this religious group that exists on the fringe of Seventh Day Adventism. And 5 episodes is probably the absolute minimum they needed to accurately recount their experiences. But still…if you’re new to ONRaC, this series isn’t the place to start (unless you’re really curious who many Seventh Day Adventists think the anti-christ is). Consider it Oh No Ross and Carrie: Advanced Studies.  A better place for first timers to start might be their single episode on the Theresa Caputo (aka The Long Island Medium) or their two episodes on the Raeliens. Even their epic 9 part series on Scientology is a better entry-point for the wonderfulness that is ONRaC.



Oh No Ross and Carrie — (Multiple episodes)

My podcast app troubles continue. Tried another app, and this one didn’t really share any info reliably with my WordPress app (so they didn’t pop up at all in this feed as I listened to them). So I’ll just say that I binged multiple episodes from the Oh No Ross and Carrie archive — their two episodes on the Raeliens and their three episodes on the Aetherius Society. Both are “religious” sects that revolve around aliens with many claims they say are supported by science. (They may sound like Scientology, but trust me, these groups are WAY more interesting…mostly because they are still largely a mystery to the general public.)

Also: If you’re looking to get started with Oh No Ross and Carrie, these are good podcast episodes to start with. Look for them in your podcast app of choice!

Oh No Ross and Carrie: Ross and Carrie See Theresa Caputo

link: http://ohnopodcast.com/investigations/2014/12/1/ross-and-carrie-see-theresa-caputo-greatest-living-american-edition
Media: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/OhNoPodcast/~5/BTb8iGoh17I/OhNoRossAndCarrie_59_RossAndCarrieSeeTheresaCaputo.mp3

From the episode’s official summary:

Ross and Carrie finally see the woman they’ve been dying to see for ages: the Long Island Medium. And they’re not the only ones dying around here. Pesky ghosts are clamoring for Theresa’s attention, so she can deliver messages to their surviving loved ones… or so she says. Carrie and Ross attend a Beverly Hills performance of Caputo’s sold-out show, The Experience. And what they see leaves more questions than answers.

Eric’s thoughts:

First, you can see I’m trying something different with this episode. Normally, I use Overcast as my podcast player, and whenever a new episode starts, I simply “share” the podcast with my blogging software (WordPress), which automatically adds the Podcast Name & Episode Title to this website.  One click it all it takes. And then later, I can add in my thoughts on the episode.

But Overcast recently did an update that ruined it’s sharing function. It now takes many key presses to get the Podcast Name and Episode Title to appear on this site — and when I’m on the go, that’s very annoying. When I’m driving, it’s impossible.

So I’m trying to a different app. This app, when I hit the “share” button, it sends more than just the name and episode title, it sends all the info you see above (the multiple links and the episode summary).

Anyways, this is an old Ross & Carrie episode, but I had to listen to it, to hear them give the “Long Island Medium” her due. And this episode does not disappoint…she is just a frickin’ fraud.

Oh No Ross and Carrie: Electrocute John Hodgman: Thync Edition


A bonus episode for the MaxFun drive. They almost made the Thync device (which sends electromagnetic pulses through your head to either relax or excite you) sound fun…until they ripped it to shreds (as they do most “miraculous” devices with unproven claims that show up on their podcast). Even though you know how it’ll end, it’s still a fun ride.