Scriptnotes Podcast: 304 – Location Is Where It’s At

I don’t really have anything to say about this episode, so I’ll just use this space to mention that I’ve switched podcast players again, which is why the “official” podcast episode summaries are no longer appearing before my thoughts.


Scriptnotes Podcast: 303 – 75% of Nothing

Craig and John answer listener questions about writer agreements, videogame properties, and page one rewrites.


Eric’s Thoughts:

I love how John and Craig don’t shy around the fact that the vast majority of aspiring TV and screenwriters will simply not succeed (and it doesn’t have anything to do with talent).  John’s written answer to the listener question concerning writer agreements is worth a read, especially the twist it takes towards the end.

Scriptnotes Podcast

301 – The Addams Family
Tue 8:00 AM
Craig and John look at The Addams Family — not just the 1991 film and its sequel, but the property itself to see what lessons we can learn when adapting for the big screen. We also answer listener questions on what makes a scene work and writing pilots based on existing IP.
John August and Craig Mazin
© Copyright 2016

Apparently The Addams Family sequel is much better than I (and the world) had been led to believe back when it first came out. Might have to give it a chance. Also: Always nice to hear Craig opine about things he cherished as a child. He does have a heart! (even if it’s for morbid comic panels that appeared in grown-up publications)

Scriptnotes Podcast: 296 – Television with Damon Lindelof

A very comprehensive talk with Damon Lindelof about everything TV — how he got his start, how he staffs a show, how he breaks a story, even what he expects from a writers’ assistant.

I started to have a panic attack when Damon said he preferred his writers’ assistants to never speak in the writers’ room.  But at least he’s honest about that. Most showrunners who feel that way don’t come out and say it, creating for some truly awkward moments when the WA tries to be a part of the conversation only to be shut down coldly time and again. Those other showrunners don’t have a track record for promoting WAs to staff writers like DL. So I definitely have to give him points for that too. 

Scriptnotes Podcast: 295 – The Return of Malcolm

Another episode and still no talk about the potential writers strike. And they do talk about other topics that make me think these weren’t all recorded back in early March. Must be a conscious choice. Right? Must be. Guess if I want to hear Craig’s thoughts I need to go to some in-person WGA meet-ups. And if I want to hear John’s I need to go to France? (Well, if I have to…)