How Did This Get Made?: 160 The Lake House: LIVE! (w/ Starlee Kine, Aisling Bea)

I mostly chose this episode to dive back into HDTGM because of guest Starlee Kine, and the fact that she apparently lobbied heavily to get this movie in particular on the show. Whatever Starlee has to say about The Lake House must be pretty damn important.

(I’m writing this before I’ve actually listened to most of the episode)

How Did This Get Made?: Prequel to Episode 160

The last time I listened to a HDTGM “prequel” episode it was simply a 5 minute preview of the next movie Paul, June, and Diane were going to skewer (along with some listener mail). Now? The mini-episodes are full-blown 45 minutes in length with their own segments that go way beyond merely previewing anything. When did that happen? I feel like this might be Earwolf’s thing, taking popular podcasts and finding ways to wring every minute of content possible out of them. (That’s not a complaint…though I’m sure not all Earwolf podcasts expand as effortlessly as HDTGH.)