Robot or Not?: 103: Pizza

This started as a mini-podcast where human robot John Siracusa determined whether or not various robot-like things from both fact or fiction truly qualified (in his eyes) as “robots” in the classical sense (as opposed to autonomous devices, cyborgs, magical beings, etc.).

They don’t do that anymore, but the title stays the same. In fact, considering their most recent topics (is it a sandwich?, it is pizza?) a more fitting title would be “The Accidental Food Podcast.”

Robot or Not?: 101: Supervillains

At ten minutes this may be the longest Robot or Not? episode yet. And it’s also not about robots (or not). Today’s discussion is more “Supervillian or not?” Does this mark a turn in focus for this mini-podcast series? No longer discussing whether or not certain pieces of electronics (both in fact and fiction) qualify as a “robot”? (Trust me, it’s more interesting that you’d think…)