The Greatest Generation: 126: Mad Pleating (S6E1)

You know what I like about this podcast? Sure, it appeals to me as a one-time Star Trek: The Next Genesrstion fan who now has a chance to relive a youthful obsession. But it also appeals to me as a fan of podcasts in general. These guys are new to the medium, and they really want to do it well. And they’re very open about their process and the mistakes they’ve made.

The Greatest Generation: 125: The Manure is the Only Thing That’s Missing (S5E26)

Adam and Benjamin take on the first part of the infamous Data’s Head episode. As a kid, this one was fundamental to my TNG fandom. Time travel! The gang meets Mark Twain! And…well…I guess that’s about it. In hindsight, I’m not sure what was so great about it. 

The Greatest Generation: 124: You Do Not Want to Get the Creams Confused (S5E25)

The Inner Light is one of the most iconic episodes of Trek ever, but I gotta agree with Adam and Benjamin — it was never one I cherished as a kid watching it, and it’s far from perfect when viewed with fresh eyes as an adult. A good TNG episode for sure, but not one that symbolizes the series for me.

The Greatest Generation: 120: No More Lead in the Pencil (S5E21)

Did they really cover an entire episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation featuring Famke Janssen without making a single X-Men joke/reference? Without directly acknowledging that Famke and Patrick Stewart would go on to co-star in three movies together? Maybe Adam and Ben aren’t X-men guys…Or maybe I just missed it.