Rocket 124: We’re Back!
Fri 7:45 AM
Christina Warren is BACK, joining Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort to talk about the phishing attack on hospitals, the government’s move to cloud computing, and a book about bitcoin.
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Eric’s Thoughts:

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Christina going to work for Microsoft changes her more than Brianna running for Congress?

Rocket: 115: That is the Joke

My favorite part of this ep is when Bri gets “inside baseball” with the video game industry. I’m not even a gamer, but as someone who works in televised entertainment, it’s always cool to hear how other branches of entertainment do things.

Rocket: 114: Beauty and the Matrix

I first got exposed to Rocket when they did a host swap with the Accidental Tech Podcast (and I first got exposed to Accidental Tech when they disected a Scriptnotes podcast).  Side note: I rather liked the mixed-up dynamic of the swap, they should do it again sometime.

As for this episode — if you love listening to knowledgable, passionate people talk about the things they are knowledgable and passionate about, this is more of that. I’ll listen to most episodes of Rocket even they’re talking about things I don’t really care about (like the new Mass Effect).

What’s really interesting to me about Rocket these days is that co-host Brianna Wu is now running for Congress. I worked on a congressional race once, I know how time-consuming they can be, and I’m impressed she’s able to keep so much of her life intact (like this podcast) while running. I’m also impressed by how true to herself she’s staying. Running for Congress causes most people to water themselves down. Brianna doesn’t seem to be doing that. She’s still honest in a way you want a podcast host to be. Maybe even a bit too honest, like when she admits she pass on a media appearance that could’ve helped her campaign in order to play a video game (see Mass Effect above).

It’s moments like that which really make Rocket fun to listen to.