This American Life: #579: My Damn Mind

I normally don’t listen to This American Life repeats (this one is originally from last year). But when it started playing, I quickly remembered it was an episode TAL produced in conjunction with the New York Times about a racially infused police shooting. I kept listening because the new Radiolab episode I just listened to prior was also done in conjunction with a newspaper (Tampa Bay Times) about the issue of racially-charged police shootings. It’s tempting to want to compare them further…who did a better job? But they really are quite different. The TAL episode had a long opening segment that dealt with a single case involving a hospital and a schizophrenic patient who got shot in his hospital bed. The Radiolab episode is about, well, everything. It’s the first half of a two-parter examining the entire issue of police officers shooting African-Americans (provoked or not) in the US. One is micro. The other is macro. Each offering a fresh take on a serious issue.

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