Hollywood & Levine

Episode 10: The Making of FRIENDS
Mar 8, 9:00 PM
link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/hollywoodandlevine/EP010_Hollywood202620Levine.mp3
Media: http://traffic.libsyn.com/hollywoodandlevine/EP010_Hollywood202620Levine.mp3?dest-id=451632
FRIENDS has become a phenomenon. But what about the early days? The making of the pilot was anything but smooth. Ken shares things about FRIENDS you probably didn’t know like Jennifer Aniston was almost written out of half the first season, or a number of known actors turned down the roles. Also, Ken talks about what makes a good pilot, and his horrible luck selling pilots to ABC
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Eric’s Thoughts:

If you listen just for the Friends intel, you might be disappointed, as that section isn’t very long (though it’s always nice to hear long-time TV writer Jeff Greenstein recap his experiences in the biz). But otherwise, it’s good way to kill an hour walking through Ikea. (which is how I experienced this episode)

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