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#16 Why Is Mason Reese Crying?
Thu 6:45 AM
For Jonathan Goldstein, YouTube offers endless nostalgia, but he always finds himself returning to the same subject – a precocious child actor from the early 70’s named Mason Reese. And then a few months ago, new clips of Reese began popping up on YouTube. What’s more, they appeared to be uploaded by Reese himself. Jonathan sets out to discover why – and why now, after 40 years. This is a rebroadcast of a story that originally came out in March of 2015.
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Eric’s Thoughts:

Missed this one in 2015. Fun episode, with some surprising emotion to it, but I’m not sure why it’s being repeated sans update. They could’ve just said: “Hey, go listen to that podcast from two years ago if you weren’t a subscriber back then and haven’t gone through our back catalog yet! It’s still there and it’s good!”

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